Top 5 views in Porto

We were really spoiled when it comes to gorgeous views in Porto due to the perfect combination between the Douro River, the historic city centre, the rooftops, bridges, the so famous Rabelo boats, the picturesque narrow streets with so many steps to climb, the colourful cascading houses, oh, you just name it. All of them have in common the “Wow” effect.

This is making my task really difficult as I have to narrow my choices only to 5, but the job must be done so here you have my list:

  1. Gaia (Cable Car arrivals/departures)
  2. Yeatman Hotel
  3. Crystal Palace (Palácio de Cristal)
  4. Miradouro da Vitória
  5. Clérigos Tower

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The glamorous tram

Come aboard with me in the charming tram (since 1895). The tram in Porto has 3 lines: Line 1 takes you alongside the banks of Douro River; line 18 that goes from Massarelos to Carmo and line 22 that crosses Porto’s city center to Guindais. Continue reading

Views and Historical Monuments

After the fantastic lunch we just had it’s time to keep going. I’m going to take you to the ex-libris of the city – Clérigos Church and Clérigos Tower. Built in the 18th century here you can admire the baroque style. Its exceptional location (the tower is located at a high point of the city) allows you to get a full view of the city. Ready to climb the 225 stairs? Oh come on, don’t complain, you will be fit by the end of our journey. Ok we are now at an altitude of around 75 metres from the ground. It’s not too much if you think about other buildings in the world but it’s enough to ensure you will see a gorgeous view. Look around, isn’t that amazing. Time again to take that picture that you will share with your family and friends later. Continue reading

Are you hungry?

Food is one of the highlights when you visit Portugal and Porto is not an exception. Of course, I’m going to start with the most well known dish, Francezinha. It’s like a sandwich made with beef, linguiça, mortadela, cheese, fresh sausage and a fried egg. It’s served with french fries and a special thick and spicy sauce. I can feel my mouth watering… There are several places in Porto that serve Francezinha but my recommendation is Café Santiago. The price is also very affordable. After tasting this specialty I’m sure you will want to repeat it again. Continue reading

Get ready to walk

Now that we had our coffee we are well awake and ready for our journey. Are you ready to get wandered by this magic city, Porto? I hope you like to walk because we are going to walk a lot today. Walking is the best way to know the city. Did you know that the origin of Portugal’s name has its origin in Porto (Portus Cale)? Porto is located in the North of Portugal and is the second largest city but don’t worry you can access most of the things by foot and then for those places a little bit further we can use the charming tram (you have other options, but as you are coming with me I’ll take the lead). Porto is not a flat city, you will have to ascend and descend, some of the streets are quit steep and you will come across with very picturesque streets with their cobbled stones, lots of stairs and narrow corridors. Ok, so here we go. Are you wearing comfortable shoes? Continue reading