Are you hungry?

Food is one of the highlights when you visit Portugal and Porto is not an exception. Of course, I’m going to start with the most well known dish, Francezinha. It’s like a sandwich made with beef, linguiça, mortadela, cheese, fresh sausage and a fried egg. It’s served with french fries and a special thick and spicy sauce. I can feel my mouth watering… There are several places in Porto that serve Francezinha but my recommendation is Café Santiago. The price is also very affordable. After tasting this specialty I’m sure you will want to repeat it again.

Codfish is a must for Portuguese people. There are 1000 ways of cooking codfish all of them are very tasty, you can go for Bacalhau com Natas, Bacalhau ao Ze do Pipo or Bacalhau com Broa, those are my top 3.

If you prefer a burger you will also find several places, I can recommend Hamburgueria de Gema where the burger’s name is based in Portuguese popular expressions.

If you prefer something strong there is another typical dish in Porto called Tripas à moda do Porto, a dish made with several types of meat, chouriço, beans and of course the famous tripas. My preference goes for Restaurante o Ginjal.


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