Get ready to walk

Now that we had our coffee we are well awake and ready for our journey. Are you ready to get wandered by this magic city, Porto? I hope you like to walk because we are going to walk a lot today. Walking is the best way to know the city. Did you know that the origin of Portugal’s name has its origin in Porto (Portus Cale)? Porto is located in the North of Portugal and is the second largest city but don’t worry you can access most of the things by foot and then for those places a little bit further we can use the charming tram (you have other options, but as you are coming with me I’ll take the lead). Porto is not a flat city, you will have to ascend and descend, some of the streets are quit steep and you will come across with very picturesque streets with their cobbled stones, lots of stairs and narrow corridors. Ok, so here we go. Are you wearing comfortable shoes?

We arrived to our first stop, São Bento railway station. Oh, I can see your face, you are amazed with this gorgeous tiles covering the walls taking you back in time and recounting Portugal’s History. Take a good look and a magnificent picture in your camera. We are not going to take the train today, we will leave it for another day, but I promise we will be coming here as I want to take you in a memorable journey.  Are you happy enough with this first stop?

Ok, it’s time to keep going so let’s climb this road on your left. We are now in Porto’s Cathedral, it wasn’t a bit stroll, was it? More of those beautiful blue tiles (yeah, by now you started to realize that’s one of the highlights not only in this city but you will also find it in many other places in Portugal). Porto’s Cathedral dates back XII and XIII centuries and here you can appreciate the Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic architecture. It’s one of the oldest historic buildings in the city. Lets take a look inside the Cathedral and then lets go to the Cloister. If you are one of those people that admires history and architecture this is definitely one of the places you should be. Lets go outside and take a look to the exterior. Amazing, isn’t it?


Time to starting heading to our next stop this morning, a short walk to our right will lead us to the iconic double deck metal D. Luis Bridge (XIX century). Uau, what a fantastic view! Are you feeling that exciting heart beating? Look down, that is Douro River that separates the two cities, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. And look at those colorful houses on the right side of the river, they seem like an illustrated postcard. On the left side of the river you have the world wide known Port Wine Cellars (we will talk about it later). For now lets just breath in the air and engrave this unbelievable view.


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