Top 5 views in Porto

We were really spoiled when it comes to gorgeous views in Porto due to the perfect combination between the Douro River, the historic city centre, the rooftops, bridges, the so famous Rabelo boats, the picturesque narrow streets with so many steps to climb, the colourful cascading houses, oh, you just name it. All of them have in common the “Wow” effect.

This is making my task really difficult as I have to narrow my choices only to 5, but the job must be done so here you have my list:

  1. Gaia (Cable Car arrivals/departures)
  2. Yeatman Hotel
  3. Crystal Palace (Palácio de Cristal)
  4. Miradouro da Vitória
  5. Clérigos Tower

1. Gaia

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This place is just amazing. It will grant you lovely pictures that will make your friends and family jealous, but you know what, you can tell them they don’t need to be jealous invite them to come and see with their own eyes the wonders you just shared with them. This place is on the other side of the Douro river, in Gaia beside the cable cars and from here you will have a full view of the river, the D. Luis bridge, the Port Wine rooftops, some of the historic monuments like Clerigos’ Tower, the Cathedral, D. Fernando Wall, just to mention some. You can also enjoy a beautiful sunset from this spot.

2. Yeatman Hotel

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Sometimes we need to spoil ourselves and I truly believe we deserve it, after all, we have been going up and down those steep roads, walking the city from one place to the other, so it’s time to relax, enjoy yourself and the views and have a drink. If you come closer to the sunset so I guarantee it couldn’t get better.

3. Palácio de Cristal

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I really like this spot as here you have beautiful gardens, nature, animals (the mascot are the peacocks and how vain and proud their are of their gorgeous feathers) and also a library. It’s also a good place for families with children and for romantic couples. Lets take a seat. Isn’t the view magnificent? Take your time, relax and enjoy.

4. Miradouro da Vitória

In a previous post I’ve already talked about this privileged spot. It’s also some artists’ favourite spot to draw and paint unbelievably beautiful paintings and post cards.

5. Clérigos Tower

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You have a post from the 26th of September where you can check all the information you need.

Did you like it? Which one was your favourite?


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