The Journey Begins

Let me invite you for a coffee

Let me start my journey by inviting you for a coffee. Yes I’m that person who needs a coffee to start functioning properly in the morning and being Portuguese you can’t skip it. This is the proper coffee: black, short, strong (and in my case with sugar, please). Oh, can you smell it? So, so good. Whilst other countries have the tea culture, the bar culture, in Portugal people have the coffee culture, all excuses are valid to have a coffee. You will find plenty of coffee houses in Portugal and I’m not talking about those establish brands that you can find elsewhere, I’m talking about traditional coffee houses that you find in every street, in some of them you can even buy the coffee that you are tasting . Every time I arrive in Porto (Portugal) the first thing I do the following morning is going to a small cafe called Polanca that serves the best coffee I’ve ever had and for 0.50€, yes you read it correctly, just for half a euro you can have this fantastic experience. I found this coffee house some years ago when my son was studying English and my husband and I would take our time to visit and enjoy the city and since then whenever we come to Portugal that’s a mandatory stop. Coffee houses are the right place to be on your own or to socialize.

So, how was yours? Did you enjoy it?

O Pretinho do Japão


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