Ards Peninsula and Strangford Lough – Northern Ireland

The more places I visit in Northern Ireland the more I feel in love with this beautiful country. This gorgeous island offers you such a variety of places to discover from breathtaking mountains to magnificent beaches with long white sands and blue-green waters, hectares of woodland forests where you can go for a walk and discover the fauna and flora, lakes for angling lovers or to have a boat experience and admire the outstanding landscapes, caves to explore… Continue reading

6 places to visit in Northern Ireland

First let me try to clarify some misconceptions about Northern Ireland (NI). Although geographically located in Ireland, Northern Ireland is part of the UK. The UK includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland whilst Great Britain doesn’t include Northern Ireland. It is also the smallest country in the UK with less than 2 million people. During 30 years Northern Ireland lived a very troubled period which has fortunately ended about 20 years ago and it’s now a peaceful place to live that offers spectacular places to visit. NI is divided into 6 counties (Antrim, Down, Londonderry, Fermanagh, Tyrone and Armagh) and it is my intention in this post to share with you one outstanding place per county, but don’t be disappointed thinking this is it, that NI is limited to these 6 places, far from that, NI has a lot to offer like mountains to hike, a coastal area that is simply stunning, beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, castles, Georgian and Victorian mansions, parks and forests…plenty of reasons to come and experience from yourself the beauty of this small country. I will take you with me to several other magical places on following posts. So lets get started! Continue reading