Exploring The Wild Atlantic Way (County Sligo and Donegal)

After visiting and exploring several places in County Donegal we decided to move south to continue exploring Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way, this time our road trip took us to County Sligo also called Yeats’ country. Once again, we were lucky with the weather particularly after a rainy week but living now for 7 years in Ireland I know better and even if the weather wasn’t good enough that wouldn’t stop me going. This journey once more took us to beautiful beaches with thin golden sands outstretching for miles, breathtaking scenery, hiking and history. Join me and come along! Continue reading


Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way – County Donegal (Part 2)

On the road again to explore a little bit more of the amazing Wild Atlantic Way. We left Friday after work for a remarkable weekend that included an outstanding scenery, secluded beaches, very interesting cultural and historic facts, delicious food, truly remarkable hospitality, genuine people and much more in the best company.

If you like to travel at your own pace and discover amazing places without crowds join me and come explore this unspoiled and outstanding part of Ireland. Continue reading

Outstanding places in Northern Ireland

Since I’ve moved to Northern Ireland I’ve been exploring this striking place. A lot of people ask me why I chose Northern Ireland to live. I really don’t understand why so many people ask me this question as I believe many of them don’t value what they have. What I can tell you is that one of the reasons why I’m still here is because of the absolutely stunning landscapes and incredible places I’ve discovered in my adventures in this lovely country (let alone some amazing people who have crossed my path). So, let’s see if I can show you the beauty through my eyes. Continue reading

What to do in Los Angeles

LA is probably in a lot of people’s dreams, but this time our destination wasn’t to fulfil my dream but my son’s dream. Since a very young age he has always aspired and dreamt about the US, so this year as he was 18 years old and we don’t know for how long he is still going on holiday with us we decided to make is dream come true. At the same time, I can’t deny that I was also glad as we all fantasise about the glamour, the movies’ scenery, actors and actresses that so many times entertained us…

I was a little bit concerned about the duration of the flight as I had never went on such a long journey before. Fortunately, we had a direct flight from Dublin to LA even though it took more than 10 hours, but I managed to have some sleep and I kept myself entertained reading and watching movies. Continue reading

Guimarães, a cidade berço de Portugal

Desta vez a minha viagem levou-me à cidade considerada o berço de Portugal, visto ter sido nesta cidade que o primeiro rei de Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, nasceu. Além disso, em 1128 deu-se uma importante batalha, a Batalha de S. Mamede, que opôs D. Afonso Henriques à sua mãe e os apoiantes desta vindos da Galiza, tendo terminado com a vitória de D. Afonso Henriques. Na sequência desta vitória, em 1143 Portugal tornou-se um país com identidade própria. Guimarães foi a primeira capital do país.

São várias as razões pelas quais lhe poderia recomendar a visita a esta cidade nortenha tão bem preservada: a importância histórica desta cidade, o centro histórico medieval considerado património mundial da UNESCO, as charmosas casas magnificamente restauradas, as estreitas ruas pavimentadas com pedra, a excelente gastronomia e acima de tudo as pessoas que tão bem sabem receber quem por lá passa. Continue reading